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At Swell House Studio LLC we believe that every space, no matter its shape or size, has the potential to become unique, cohesive and beautiful.  Take a look at some of the project concepts we’ve created and schedule your appointment with us to feel the Swell House Studio difference.

Swell House Spaces - Living Ro_edited_edited.jpg

Swell House Spaces are pre-curated room designs created by our founder. Once purchased, links for the products are emailed to you, so you can purchase items at your leisure and incorporate your special momentums or photographs into the designed space to make it truly unique and special to you.

Design Concept_ Project Kailani Palm_edited.jpg

This room holds all the beautiful pieces, blended together to create a colorful jewel inspired masterpiece by the coast.

Blossom Beach Living and Dining Room (3)_edited.jpg

This tranquil dining room features both modern lines and rich, warm neutral tones. Does your dining room need a remodel or furniture? Contact us today.

DEAIGN CONCEPT_ PROJECT BELMONT CLIFF -- Girls Lounge (4)_edited.jpg

This modern California surf abode creates the same sense of calm the ocean radiates. Punches of bright color, amidst a neutral palate, with beautiful surfboards garnishing the entry.

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